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Reeling in Unsustainable Fishing

Follow the campaign to learn how you can help bring sustainable solutions to a global fishery in the Western and Central Ocean that produces 60% of the world’s tuna.

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Problem: Reeling in unsustainable fishing 
The Western and Central Pacific Ocean provides nearly 60% of the world’s tuna catch for a $7 billion annual global market. 

Many boats fishing for sushi-grade tuna in this rich fishing ground use the longline fishing technique. However, 98% of these boats operate with no oversight.

We know very little about what happens on these boats, but what we do know is that a sustainable solution is needed:

  •     Tuna stocks are decreasing globally.
  •     Illegal activities and slave labor are running rampant in the region.

Sea turtles, sharks, rays, and other species are being accidentally caught in the 5 million baited hooks and 100,000 miles of line set out every day. The potential for improvement in this fishery is significant–and for a fishery of this size, change could have exponential results.

Solution: Hooked on an idea
Governments can’t fix what they can’t see and getting a human observer on every tuna boat isn’t possible. That’s where you come in. Invest in a monitoring  solution that puts GPS cameras on boats with a machine-learning software to track and review the daily catch. 

Fund: Tech-enabled monitoring
Help us drive the R&D process to bring tech-enabled monitoring to this fishery through government and industry collaboration, and a Kaggle data science competition that calls upon participants to develop the machine-learning software.  

Your investment will fund the following outcomes:  

  • GPS-equipped cameras on 24 boats across 4 Pacific Island nations controlling key fishing grounds.
  • A machine-learning software (developed through Kaggle competition) to slash review time.
  • A defined path to deploying new software on boats.
  • Catalyze a  5-year plan to achieve 100% accountability in this fishery. 

Funding Goal: $250k
(Competition prize funding provide by Vulcan Philanthropies)

About us: Innovation driving impact
The challenge of our time is to build a world where people and nature thrive together. We believe human ingenuity is how we get there. Our approach is simple: We innovate with ideas that disrupt the tired paradigm of human progress at odds with nature’s needs; demonstrate real-world solutions that support nature and people; and adapt it to drive change here and around the world.